UEFA Strikes Again as Galatasaray is Forced to Alter Brand-New Away Kit

Debuting in the Europa League qualifiers today, Galatasaray was forced to swap its recently released Away shirt for one without orange sleeves. Everything points at UEFA being the culprit here, following similar cases with France and Portugal.

Galatasaray Debuts Makeshift Jersey vs Östersunds

Check out the slideshow below for some pictures of the jersey worn by Galatasaray tonight.

Nike was quick to supply Galatasaray with an alternative Away jersey, which was identical in features apart from the color of the sleeves. It's not the first time in recent years that Nike was forced to 'fix' its kits after France's Away was deemed improper during last year's Euro and Portugal had to adjust its Away for a qualifier last year as well.

Interestingly, it's not clear as to why Galatasaray's jersey was not allowed. UEFA's official kit rules do not include a paragraph that forbids sleeves with a different color than the base of the shirt.

Who do you think is behind all this? Comment below.
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