WATCH: Neymar Goes Sneaker Shopping

Amidst all the latest speculation, Brazilian superstar Neymar has found time to join up with Complex for their Sneaker Shopping YouTube series.

In this series, Complex accompanies celebrities as they shop for sneakers and share interesting stories from their life. Neymar starts off by sharing some stories from his earlier years and how he became such a massive Jordan fan.

Six minutes, Neymar is asked about Nike's plans for the 2018 World Cup. Without giving anything away really, Neymar says that the "plan is to keeping improving not just the cleats themselves, but its development." He adds that he hopes the boots for next year's cup will be even lighter, with a cool appearance to round it off.

Finally, Neymar shares some insight into how things are in the Barcelona dressing room with the likes of Leo Messi - a must watch for any boot fan.

Neymar ends up with lots of new sneakers in exchange for more than USD 18k, a new record for the show.

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