Which Is Your Favorite? Here All Real Madrid Away & Third Kits in History

Until some decades ago, football clubs tend to use the same jerseys for several years in a row . Now, almost each club launches three new kits every year. Logically, Real Madrid now also releases a full new jersey collection every year, while the Spanish giants until 25 years ago had the same kits for several seasons, respectively. Let's take a look at all Real Madrid away and third strips in history.

Real Madrid Away Kits - 1902 - 1986

In the first decades of the club history, Real Madrid almost always used purple or blue kits when it was not possible to wear the home kit. In fact, the club wore a completely red uniform in three games of European competitions during the 1970s. A green kit was used by Real Madrid in a friendly match on August 25, 1965 during a tour conducted by the club in South America (Adidas took this anecdote for the 2012-13 season to release a green third kit).

In the early 1980s, Adidas became the club's first official kit supplier and the Three Stripes of the famous brand appeared on the sleeves of the shirt.

Real Madrid should wear the same light purple Adidas away kit from 1981 until 1986. In fact, the club did not change their first Adidas away shirt until Hummel became the club's new jersey maker. Something that seems impossible today.

Real Madrid Away & Third Jerseys - 1987 - 2017

Since 1987, Real Madrid launched 52 away and third kits.

When Hummel became the kit supplier of Los Blancos in 1986, the club should receive more and more outstanding, unique and remarkable uniforms. Kelme replaced Hummel as jersey maker in in 1994 and released a ton of truly 1990s-looking kits for the club until they were replaced by Adidas in 1998.
Since 1998, the Three Stripes released around 30 different Real Madrid away and third kits. Ranging from ultra-simplisitc and classic designs (2002-03 Centenary Kits) to garish looking kits (2014-15 Away Kit), the kits Adidas released in the past 20 years of the club are way more outstanding than the jerseys Real Madrid had in the first 80 years of the club history.

Interestingly, the quite-new black / white Adidas Real Madrid 14-15 Third Kit (created by Japanese designer Yamamoto) already hits retail prices above 150 Euro.

Which is your favorite Real Madrid away / third Kit ever? Let us also know which kits you don't like in the comments below.