Boot Watch #022 | Season Kick Off Brings Awesome Classic Total 90 & Adizero Spots

Welcome back to our weekly Boot Watch! This week, the world of futbol starts to ease into the beginning of the regular season. With record breaking transfers still happening, any league can take a turn upside down. Big thanks to Mexican boot freaks abcdefutbol for the first two spots.

Alan Flores | Nike Total 90 Supremacy (2006)

Alan Flores from Queretaro's Under 17 team laced up in the Nike Total 90 Supremacy football boot last month. Released back in 2006 as the 4th boot in the Total 90 series, just before the World Cup in Germany, it is safe to assume that he already has been a fan of the silo as a kid.

Rodrigo López | Blacked-Out Chameleon Purple Adidas F50 Adizero 2010

Another very interesting spot again comes from Mexico as Rodrigo López from Toluca laced up in a custom blacked-out version of the infamous Chameleon Purple Adidas F50 Adizero 2010 soccer cleats.

Mohamed Elneny | Ace 17+ PureControl

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No Özil? No Problem. With the German international sitting out the game versus Chelsea over the weekend, it was up to Elneny to fill in his shoes, literally. The number 35 slipped on the newest Ocean Storm colorway of the laceless PureControl just as Özil would have done.

Antoine Griezmann | Puma evoSPEED Sl-S

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I'll be truly honest, It is very hard to tell what exact model of the evoSPEED that professionals wear from pictures. With Griezmann, due to the stud pattern I always expect it to be the SL variation but seeing that they last him and don't look too thin, I'd assume they're the SL-S. Anyways, Griezmann was spotted wearing his trusty evoSPEEDs in a friendly instead of the new One 17.1 which he is the face of for Puma. Let's see if this sticks once the season begins...

Alessandro Lucarelli | Custom Adidas X16

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This seems odd to me, an older player straight from the Italian league doing this type of modification to a boot? It's like seeing Totti wearing Nike Mercurial Superfly boots! It's not the first time that Lucarelli removed the laces as he also wore laceless Solar Red Adidas X 16.1 boots.

Marco Reus | Puma evoSPEED Sl-S

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Same situation as Griezmann, I cannot tell exactly what Reus is sporting. I can only speculate from what I see and I'd have to say the Sl-S once again as he's been in this exact pair for awhile so no way the SL would hold this long. For Reus though we can forgive him as with his in and out of injuries i would also stick to boots that have been good to me and are already soft and comfortable, not to mention it matches the Dortmund kit pretty well. Curious to see if he'll lace up in the One or the EvoPower next, or will he cling onto these boots for a bit longer?

Manolo Gabbiadini | Adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360 PureAgility

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It's not the greatest kit and boot combo, but it allows us to see the all new Adidas colorway stand out. The Nemeziz look took awhile to get used to with the original launch colorway but the new Ocean Strom pack really brings out a nice combo with the subtle black and blue stripes and vibrant electricity yellow Adidas stripes.

Leon Britton | Custom Adidas Copa 17.1

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I applaud Mr. Britton, making it into my boot watch twice now and with respectable footwear each time. This week he pulled out a vibrant red colorway of the Copa 17.1 boot from Adidas. Not many professionals are opting for this boot, but i would love to see if legends like Lahm or Xavi Alonso would put them on if they were still playing this season. A nod to Britton for what seems to be a cut off tongue, or is it tucked under his laces... not sure but that awkward new Copa 17 tongue is truly the only issue i have with the boot.

Diego Vannucci | Adidas Ace 16.1

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Always nice to see a throwback, and the launch colorway of the Ace 16 in the standard synthetic model is especially rare to see. Being overshadowed by the Primeknit and even leather variations, the standard Ace 16 was highly underrated and was actually a good boot. Glad to see Vannucci still rocking something he loves.

Vincent Kompany | Adidas Ace 16.1 Leather

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After bashing Adidas publicly on social media, the Manchester City skipper is still staying true to the leather variation of his Ace 16's. If I would be responsible for any boot brand, I'd literally go up to him with my best leather boot and offer him a deal. Whether it'd be Puma with their One 17.1, Nike with their Tiempo or even Mizuno with their new Rebula V1! He may still be injury prone, but even Adidas should step up and offer him the Copa 17.1!

Henri Lansbury | Adidas Copa Gloro 17.2

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A lot of players this week in the boot watch deserve applause, and Lansbury is no exception. I've spotted Lansbury wearing the original gloro's and it's amazing to see him in the new Copa Gloro. He started off originally in the champagne pack version, a colorway that every boot enthusiast raves about. Now he's opted for the all black Copa Gloro with a red trimming: Pure class!

Jamie Vardy | Nike Mercurial Superfly V

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Did anyone else see this? I was scrolling down Leicester's latest photos and wasn't sure i had seen the right thing. Vardy, who has been a Hypervenom player for some time now, helped highlight the second generation of the boot with his amazing league winning season (although it was the worst Hypervenom to date). Now the England forward has tried his luck in a pair of Nike Mercurial Superfly boots... We'll need to keep an eye on him and his future boot decisions.

Carlo Pinsolgio | Puma evoSPEED Sl-S

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And another evoSPEED spotting for this week! This one makes the cut from the sublime kit and boot match that Pinsolgio has offered, that beautiful red and white Adidas goalkeeper kit matches well with his black/white/red evoSPEED boots.

Lucas Silva | Custom Adidas X16/17

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We'll end off this boot watch with a classy pair of blackout boots. What I'm not sure of is whether they're the X16.1 or X17.1 but i do know they're the standard laced version which has been pretty popular especially in a black color or blackout in the last few weeks.

Hope you enjoyed the latest boot watch, please let us know if you have another spot or found error in our work.