More Or Less Direct 'Copied' - Adidas 2006 World Cup Templates vs Adidas Palace Juventus 2019 Collection

Update: Adidas this week released the first-ever important collection inspired by the infamous 2006 World Cup template - the Adidas x Palace x Juventus collection. All pieces of the Adidas Juventus Palace collection are directly inspired by pieces of the 2006 World Cup. We directly compare some of them, while a more general look at the kit template is below.

Full Adidas Juventus Palace Collection Released - Launches November 8

Adidas 2006 Design vs Adidas Juventus Palace 2019

The Adidas Juventus Palace kit is comes with gradient stripes inspired by the designs of some of Adidas' kits of the 2006 World Cup such as France's 2006 away kit. The socks of Juventus x Palace kit also come with this gradeint design. Other designs of the new 2019 collection are more obviously taken from 2006...

Closer Look | Adidas 2006 World Cup Kit Template + Numbers

With 2006 World Cup taking place in Adidas' homeland, the German brand wanted to show that they are the most innovative football brand. The German brand therefore launched their first-ever football featuring a non-traditional panel design (Adidas Teamgeist), which was heavily criticized for its flight characteristics.

We want to take a closer look at the brands' 2006 jersey template, which was also much discussed by football kit fanatics at that time.

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Adidas 2006 World Cup Template

Here are some of the kits that used Adidas' template.

Much more remarkable than Adidas' current templates, Adidas' kit design for the 2006 World Cup and the 2016-17 campaign offers their designers less freedom than the designs of the brand's current templates. It therefore has a much more brand-defining character and makes it easy to see at first glance from which time the kit is.

On the left sleeve of the jersey is Adidas' famous +Teamgeist logo (Teamgeist means 'team spirit'). The numbers also feature a streamlined design that you likely remember if you watched the World Cup.

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Germany's 2006 World Cup home kit is likely the most well-known Adidas jersey using the style, while Japan's 2006 away kit is one of the most beautiful executions of the template.

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