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All Items: Full Adidas Juventus Palace Collection - Launches November 8, 12 PM

Update: As we edge closer to the much-anticipated launch (November 8, 12 PM GMT), we've added pictures of all the different products included in the Adidas Juventus Palace collection.

Update: Adidas and Juventus just announced that the Juventus x Palace x adidas Football Collection will release on November 8 2019. Palace and Adidas also released many new images of the 2006-inspired collection.

Just minutes after we posted the leak, Juventus shared the following pictures from their team's arrival at the stadium for the game with Genoa. Looks like the collection will be debuted tonight.

In May rumors came out stating that Adidas and Palace would team up on a full Juventus collection this year. Today we can give you an exclusive look at the Adidas x Palace Juventus collection, which is inspired by the Adidas template for the 2006 World Cup.

Juventus Palace Kit

Juventus Palace Goalkeeper Kit

Juventus Palace Training Jersey

The Juventus x Palace Adidas training shirt is inspired by the iconic 2006 World Cup template, used by all of the three-stripe brand's teams that year.

Adidas Juventus Palace Tracksuit

Adidas Juventus Palace Pullover

Adidas Juventus Palace - Rest

The Adidas Juventus Palace collection is set to be launched on November 8 via the Palace web store and, as well as Juventus stores and

What do you think about the 2006-inspired Adidas Juventus Palace collection? What's your favorite piece? Comment below.