Revolutionary Half-and-Half Design Next Season | Full Juventus Home Kit History From 1897 Until 2019

Update: Juventus will go for a half-and-half look next season. The 2019-2020 campaign will be the first time in the club's history that they will wear this design. A look at the full kit history reveals that Juventus so far had three different kit styles - white (1897-1899), pink (1899-1903) and black / white stripes (1903-Summer 2019).

With the new season having already started in many leagues, the kit release summer is almost over. What's a better time to look at the history of Juventus' home kit, especially as the club is having an all-new logo form the 2017-2018 season.

Juventus' home shirt has not always been black and white, as you might already know. In fact, the club's first kit was white with black shorts and socks, while a pink shirt was introduced after the club's rebuilding as Juventus 'Football Club' to stand out from other football clubs.

In 1903, the club wanted wanted to get new kits after playing with the same shirts for four years and asked a Nottingham-based textile factory to produce them red jerseys. However, because of several circumstances, the club received black and white striped kits, which they should not change until today.

The Englishman Savage, a player of the club and wholesale textile merchant in Turin, contacted a Nottingham textile factory to get new red shirts from Nottingham Forest in 1903 and sent the purchase order, accompanied by the most ill-treated of the old pink shirts. The Nottingham clerk, in the sight of the bare head, believed that instead of pink it was rather white and spotted: so, given the coincidence with the white colors of the other Nottingham squad, Notts County, one of England's oldest clubs and rival historian of Nottingham Forest, thought it would be well to ship Notts County kits to Italy (via Wikipedia).

Since then, Juventus' home kit has always been black and white. In 1979, the Italian league allowed clubs for the first time to display the logo of manufacturers on their jersey. Kappa became the club's first visible official kit supplier and should make the kits for the club for more than 20 years, until 2000.

Lotto had been the club's kit supplier between 2000 and 2003, when Nike took over. Nike and Juventus partnership lasted until 2015 when Adidas signed a deal with the Italian giants until 2021.

Ariston, a manufacturer of heating and air conditioners, became the club's first shirt sponsor in 1981. Juventus should had have 14 different shirt sponsors since then, while their current deal with Jeep, which started in 2012, is valid until 2022.

Juventus changed their logo several times during the club's history, while the biggest change before the rebranding in 2017 was made in 1979 when the club adopted the black silhouette of a rampant zebra.

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