£40 - Nike Barcelona 17-18 Breathe Home Shirt Revealed

In case you don't feel like spending €140 (authentic) or €85 (replica) for your team's new shirt and aren't into fakes either, the new Nike Breathe jersey might be just right for you. These days, the Swoosh is launching this new tier of replica shirts, for example for Barcelona.

Barcelona 17-18 Breathe Home Shirt

This image shows the Barcelona 2017-2018 Breathe jersey.

Up first inspection, this 'takedown' of the Barcelona 17-18 home shirt looks surprisingly decent. It has the same stripe design as the standard replica and authentic jerseys. The Swoosh and the club crest are stamped on, which funnily makes them look more similar to those on the authentic than the replica version.

All logos, the aforementioned ones as well as Rakuten (front), Beko (left sleeve) and Unicef (lower back) appear in the same places as on the real shirt.

Now let's take a look at what's different. First, the trademark cut-and-sew neckline of the other shirts is dropped for a standard crew-neck and, most importantly, the stripes on the back don't appear at all.

Nike Breathe Jersey - Features

  • Nike Breathe fabric
  • Double-knit, ribbed neckline
  • Reduced seams for zero distractions

Being launched these days without much fanfare, the most important 'feature' of the new Breathe replica shirt is its price. The RRP is £40 ($65, estimated €65).

Do you think the new Breathe replica shirt is a worthy competitor for the (still much cheaper) fakes? Drop us a line below.
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