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Sadio Mané to Join New Balance

Update: Recently, Mané has trained in regular colorways of New Balance Furon 3.0 boots, despite lacing up in his regular choice Mercurial Vapor XIs in official games. This could suggest that a switch to New Balance is close or has already been agreed for the time once his Nike deal ends. Thanks to Jeff for the heads-up.

Check out the pictures below and scroll further down for our original coverage from when Mané started to initially wear (then blackout) New Balance boots.

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Liverpool winger Sadio Mané could be on the verge of leaving Nike, new training pictures suggest.

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Mane Trains in Blackout Boots

Embed from Getty Images

They show Mané wearing a pair of blacked-out football boots, which is usually a sign that a player is either testing out prototypes of up-and-coming footwear or another brand's products.

In this case, it looks like its the latter case as we've been able to identify the boots as all-black New Balance Furon 3.0 cleats.

Everything suggests that a switch from Nike to New Balance is on the cards, but so far Mané was still wearing regular Nike football boots in official games. Stay tuned as we'll keep you updated on how this saga evolves.

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