Sunderland 17-18 Away Kit Revealed

Sunderland AFC launched its brand-new away kit in rather unique fashion last night. Sunderland fan Brendan O’Donnell was the first to sport the new-look shirt as he took up his place in the crowd at yesterday's game against Derby County, and his connection to the club is one that goes back to its very beginnings. Brendan is the great, great grandson of James Allan, the Scottish schoolteacher who founded Sunderland AFC in 1879.

Sunderland 17-18 Away Kit

This is the Sunderland 2017-2018 away jersey.

The new Sunderland away kit features a light blue shirt, shorts and socks, a color that has proven to be popular with Sunderland fans in the past. It is accented with white for a clean, modern look. Template-wise, the new Sunderland jersey is based on Adidas Tiro 17.

The logo of principal partner Dafabet features in white and yellow, along with a woven club crest and embroidered adidas logo.

Speaking about his involvement in the Sunderland 2017-18 away jersey reveal, Brendan said: "I’m so proud of the link with Sunderland AFC that we have from my great, great granddad and we love coming up to Sunderland, to the city and to the stadium to watch the team play.

"I'm equally proud to have been asked to take part in the campaign for the away kit; it was a real honor and the kit is fantastic!"

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