Unique Kenya, Sierra Leone, Zambia & Zimbabwe 2017-18 Kits Released

Some months ago, Singaporean kit maker Mafro revealed the new jerseys for Kenya and Zambia after becoming the kit supplier of the African countries. Now we have good news for you! We can not only show you better pictures of the new Kenya and Zambia jerseys as well as images of the brand's new Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe, we can only tell you get your can get your hands of each of the kits finally here (Classic Football Shirts).

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Kenya 2017-2018 Kits

Designed to stand out, each of the new Kenya 2017-2018 jerseys features a unique and bold all-over graphic design in the country's traditional colors.

Sierra Leone 2017-2018 Kits

Just as new Kenya kits, Mafro's first Sierra Leone shirts introduce bespoke looks. Available in the country's three different flag colors, the Mafro Sierra Leone 2017-2018 jerseys feature a subtle diagonal graphic design.

Zambia 2017-2018 Kits

Compared to the fantastic shirts Nike released for the country, Mafro's Zambia home and away kits are less stylish but more bold, while the third shirt is kept very simple.

Zimbabwe 2017-2018 Kits

The new Mafro Zimbabwe 17-18 jerseys feature a subtle and unique graphic pattern on the front. The home kit is yellow, the away shirt is white, and the third shirt is green.

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What do you think of Mafro's designs? Which is your favorite? Will you get any of them? Let us know in the comments below and get your hands on the new jerseys here.
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