Adidas 2018 World Cup Kit Release Dates Leaked

We can finally reveal the release dates of Adidas' kits for the 2018 World Cup in Russia after we already leaked many information about Adidas' jerseys for next year's tournament.

Adidas 2018 World Cup Home Jerseys To Be Released On November 6 2017

Mexico's 2018 World Cup home and away kits have been already leaked.

While Adidas released all of their Euro 2016 home & away jerseys in the first two weeks of November, the brand will release their 2018 World Cup jerseys in two phases. The new Adidas 2018 World Cup home kits will be released in November 2017, while the new Adidas 2018 World Cup away kits will be released in March 2017.

Specifically, each Adidas 2018 World Cup home shirt (e.g. Germany, Spain, Mexico, Belgium, Japan, Colombia) will be released on Monday, November 6 2017, whereas the away jersey will be launched on Monday, March 12 2018.

Adidas' teams will debut their new 2018 World Cup home kit in November's international fixtures, while the away shirts will be debuted in mid-March 2018.

Do you look forward to November 6? Let us know in the comments below and check out all 2018 World Cup kit leaks and information in our 2018 World Cup kit overview.
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