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Brazil 2018 World Cup Home Kit Released

Brazil's 2018 World Cup home kit was revealed today ahead of it going on sale on 23 March. A vibrant look in yellow and green, the Brazil 2018 World Cup jersey will be debuted in one of the two friendlies this weekend, either against Russia or Germany.

Brazil 2018 World Cup Kit

This image shows the Brazil 2018 home kit.

The Brazil 2018 World Cup shirt will have a slightly different, more vibrant base color than the last few shirts as Nike's designers attempted to replicate the iconic 1970 World Cup look, when the tournament was first broadcast in color and Brazil drew attention through their eye-catching yellow jerseys. It's combined with green, of course and a bit of white and blue as part of the federation badge.

Staying true to its Nike Vapor Aeroswift template base, the Brazil 2018 home jersey features a very subtle zig-zag / waveform pattern on the sleeves. It's otherwise very clean and does not feature any graphic on the front, back or sleeves. The inside collar of the Brazil 2018 World Cup shirt shows a 'Seleção' pride crest.

The taping on the upper back and collar of the Brazil 2018 World Cup kit is blue and green, inspired by the colors of the flag.

As always, the shorts and socks of the Brazil 2018 World Cup home kit will be blue and white, respectively.

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