Official La Liga Games to Be Played Abroad Next Season?

Official games in Spain's La Liga could soon be played abroad as soon as next year, according to what league president Javier Tebas said in an interview with the Financial Times.

“La Liga is global entertainment and we want to grow the international appeal of La Liga,” said Tebas. “As part of that effort we are discussing the option of playing some of the league matches outside of Spain. These discussions are still in early stages, but as La Liga, we support the idea.”

The friendly game between Barcelona and Real Madrid held in Miami this summer shed a light on the endless possibilities, with tickets selling at ridiculous prices and huge audiences tuning in to watch worldwide. This would only increase with a competitive fixture.

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Inspired by the NBA and NFL's expansion moves, which have seen an increasing number of official games played in England and Mexico, the Premier League also investigated a similar move, but scrapped plans almost ten years ago.

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