Should This Be The Third Kit Color? Tottenham 17-18 Champions League Vapor Training Shirt + Full CL Collection Released

Nike launched a full lifestyle and training collection in the style of the new Tottenham Hotspur 2017-2018 third jersey.

Many pieces of the new Tottenham Nike 17-18 training collection invert the colors of the third kit, which has caused a debate as the purple main color of the Camo third kit is very similar to the navy away kit. So, if Nike would have decided to use the bright yellow as main color of the new third kit, the brand would have avoided this debate and the possible kit clash against West Brom.

Tottenham 17-18 'Vapor' Training Kit

The Nike 'Vapor' training Tottenham 17-18 jersey is bright yellow with dark purple applications. The inside of the cuffs reveals a 'NIKE' writing when turned outside.

Tottenham 17-18 Vapor Aeroswift Jacket

The new Nike Spurs 17-18 Vapor Aeroswift jacket boasts the same design as the Vapor training shirt.

Tottenham 17-18 Champions League Pre-Match Shirt

Tottenham 17-18 Champions League Training Shirt

Tottenham 17-18 Champions League Training Jacket

The new Nike Spurs 2017-2018 Champions League training jersey is yellow and dark purple.

Tottenham 17-18 Champions League Anthem Jacket

A similar design as the third kit, the new Nike Tottenham Hotspur 2017-2018 anthem jacket is purple and yellow with the tonal writing Spurs on the back.

Tottenham 17-18 Champions League Training Pants

The Tottenham 17-18 Champions League training pants are dark purple and yellow.

What do you think? Should Nike's Tottenham third jersey be yellow and purple instead of purple and yellow to stand out from the away kit? Let us know in the comments below.
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