Top 5 PES 2018 Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders, Strikers, FK Takers & Fastest Players Revealed

While EA Sports' is revealing the Top 100 FIFA 18 players currently, rivals KONAMI have revealed the best goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, strikers, freekick takers and fastest players in PES 2018.

PES 2018 - Top 5 Goalkeepers

PES 2018 - Top 10 Defenders

PES 2018 - Top 10 Midfielders

PES 2018 - Top 5 Strikers

PES 2018 - Top 5 Freekick Takers

PES 2018 - Top 5 Fastest Players

Of course, with Usain Bolt also included in PES 2018, it is only logical that he tops the list.

Meanwhile, it is already possible to see the full PES 2018 Database on PES Master. Just click the link below.

Check out the full PES 2018 Database and all PES 2018 stats on PES Master

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