Unique Juventus, Man City and PSG Football Fashion Week Concept Kits by Equipo

Spanish-based design team Equipo has created three stunning concept jerseys that combine the designs of some of the most famous street-style designers with iconic football shirts.

Adidas Juventus x Alexander Wang Concept Jersey

The Juventus Alexander Wang concept kit uses the upside-down Adidas Trefoil logo while boasting three vertical stripes on the center that are intended to "make up both the Adidas bars and Juventus' iconic stripes".

Nike Manchester City x Ricardo Tisci Concept Jersey

The Nike Man City x Ricardo Tisci concept shirt boasts an oversized Swoosh. It features a cut inspired by Tisci's designs.

Nike PSG x Virgil Concept Jersey

All-white, the Nike Paris Saint-Germain x Virgil concept kit features an 'unfinished' style that is rounded off with an orange label, inspired by the classic 'Off White' label of Virgil.

What do you think of these concepts? Let us know in the comments below and give Equipo a follow on Instagram to see more of their work.
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