Nike Global Streamlined Third Kits | 2014 - 2021

Update: We want to take a look at how Nike's streamlined third kits have developed in the past 3 years that were arguably the most creative out of all of them. One can really see how the American sportswear giant tried to create unique jerseys for every team in the last couple of years. Check it out below.

Original Article: September 4 2017 - Which Is The Best? Nike Global Streamlined Third Kits | 2014 - 2018

For the already fourth time, Nike will release streamlined third kits for its top clubs this year. Nike introduced the idea of similar-themed third jerseys in the 2014-15 season when the brand released the 'Hi Vis' collection and has since then launched a lot of kits featuring similar looks. We take a look at all of them.

Nike 2014-15 Third Kit 'Hi-Vis' Collection

The first-ever streamlined Nike third jerseys boasted stunning flash colors both for the base and for the details. The main feature of the jerseys was that each Nike 2014-15 third kit consisted of two tones of the main color, with the front featuring a lighter tone than the darker back to create a sense of speed and 'to help make an impact on the pitch'.

Interestingly, it was the only time that Manchester United & Juventus received a streamlined third kit from Nike as both switched to Adidas for the 2015-16 season. Corinthians also received a third kit with the streamlined design.

Nike 2015-16 Third Kit 'Decept' Collection

Under the umbrella of the Nike 'Decept' Kit collection, all Nike 15-16 third kits shared the same design principles and inspiration. While the first third kits combined a classic template with hi-vis colors, the Nike Decept third jersey were completely modern featuring a gradient design on the sleeves and the shorts.

PSG, however, received an exclusive version without the gradient stripes (the club should also get a custom, more unique 'streamlined' third kit next year). AS Roma received a streamlined third kit for the first time that season.

Nike 2016-17 Third Kit Collection

Nike's global 2016-2017 third kit template introduced a streamlined gradient look, fading from the top towards the shorts. Paris Saint-Germain, however, again received a custom unique 2017-2018 third jersey. Their luminous all-white third kit is a nod to Paris' reputation as the City of Light.

Nike also released jerseys with the 2016-2017 third kit design for Club America and Corinthians.

Nike 2017-18 Third Kit Collection

The Nike 17-18 third kit collection brings streamlined looks to more clubs than ever before (Chelsea, Tottenham + Atlético Madrid. who are part of Nike's third jersey collection for the first time ever).

The new Nike 2017-18 third jerseys boast subtle camouflage designs with the name of the city on the back for the first time. Barcelona's and PSG's new jerseys additionally come with bespoke details on the sleeve stripe (inspired by Gaudi & the Eiffel Tower).

Nike 2018-19 Third Kit Collection

The Nike 18-19 third shirt collection continues with a portfolio of 9 teams, while Paris Saint-Germain even got two different shirts as part of the collection.

All Nike 2018-2019 third kits feature a bespoke graphic design representative for the each team and their city, e..g. Galatasaray's kit features a Bosporus graphic and Barcelona's kit features a graphic print inspired by L'Eixample, Barcelona's famous city district.

Nike 2019-20 Third Kit Collection

The Nike 2019-2020 third kit collection offers a lot of variety, again. Additionally, there is a retro approach visible throughout the collection. Manchester City is no longer under contract with Nike. They switched to Puma prior to the last season.

Just like we reported all the way back in November 2018, the Nike 2019-2020 third jerseys feature the iconic Nike 'Futura' logo. The now iconic Nike logo had been Nike's logo between 1978 and 1995. It was Nike's second-ever logo.

Nike 2020-21 Third Kit Collection

Each of the kit launches is accompanied by an inspired Air max sneaker that features a similar colorway to the kit.

“The Air Max coupled with football jersey culture is the ultimate hybrid of streetwear and sports,” says Nike Scott Munson VP, Nike Football Apparel. “We were mindful of paying full respect to the clubs and their identities, but we quickly discovered that this is a very happy marriage. The kits are stylish, highly original and will look great on the pitch and the street.”

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Which global Nike third kit template do you like the most? Which is your single favorite and least favorite one? Do you like how Nike's streamlined third kits evolved over time? Let us know in the comments below.