Adidas and Nike Dominate 2018 World Cup Kit Battle

Update: Design experts Paladar Negro have created an infographic of the 2018 World Cup kit makers, greatly showing off that Adidas and Nike have almost all teams under contract .

In the end, German brand Puma managed to sign two teams that they did not equip in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers - Senegal and Serbia. Many of Puma's teams failed to qualify for the tournament (e.g. Italy, Ivory Coast, Ghana. Puma will make the jerseys for four teams of which only two wore Puma jerseys in the qualifiers - Switzerland and Uruguay.

2018 World Cup Kit Brands

The list of participants is complete. Following the most recent play-offs, all 32 teams participating in the 2018 World Cup are known. As it could already be expected before this final round of qualifying, Adidas and Nike are the big winners in terms of representing teams. Meanwhile, Puma missed out big time after a very successful 2014 edition.

Having had 8 teams in Brazil 2014, Puma will only have Senegal, Switzerland and Uruguay represent its brand in 2018. New Balance and Umbro have two teams each as well, while smaller brands Erreà, Hummel and Uhlsport have one each.

In total, the two big brands heavily dominate proceedings, with more than two thirds of the 32 teams supplied between them. Adidas leads with 12 teams ahead of Nike with 10.

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