All-New Adidas Pogba 2017 Football Released

The new Adidas Paul Pogba collection bring with it 5-a-side shoes as well as a ball carrying both the brand's and the player's logos.

Adidas Pogba Football

This image shows the new Adidas Pogba ball.

After the previous Adidas Pogba ball was rather extravagant - with a black and gold colorway and a faux snakeskin pattern, this new one looks more like a regular football.

It comes in shades of grey and gold with an animal-inspired graphic print that also features on the accompanying Ace 17+ and Ace 17.1 indoor football boots from the pack.

The Adidas Pogba ball will be launched late this week. RRP should be similar to the one launched in January, which was EUR 65. Limited? You bet.

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