All-New Storelli SpeedGrip Socks Revealed

Brooklyn-based sportswear company Storelli Sports have created an all-new sock that is designed to increase the grip a player has within his/her shoe. The new Storelli SpeedGrip sock competes with products such as the revolutionary Trusox socks and Nike's Grip Socks.

Storelli is best known for their innovative protection soccer gear that is headlined by Iker Casillas, while the brand recently also launched a special SpeedGrip insole designed to increase grip and reduce the risk of injuries.

Storelli SpeedGrip Socks

Designed to enhance an athlete's traction on the field, the new Storelli SpeedGrip socks are made with a material made of fibers that are bonded together using compression. Most socks are usually knitted or woven, while SpeedGrip's material that is used to grip the sock is also used to grip your foot.

Claudio Storelli, CEO and co-founder of Storelli said , “At Storelli our aim is to be disruptive by ‘hacking’ overlooked areas of athletic apparel, mining every detail to find elements that can be improved to optimize performance. No brand has tackled the construction process and performance qualities of a sock like Storelli has done with SpeedGrip.”

“Machine knitting mechanics for sock manufacturing were introduced in 1589 and sock construction has not fundamentally changed since then. With Speedgrip we have literally deconstructed the way a sock is made and built it back up to make a better product that our tests found enhances performance. We hope to help athletes across all sports improve stability, traction and grip, making them faster, more explosive, and more confident.”

The goal of Storelli Sports is to allow your foot to feel fused into your shoes.

Storelli SpeedGrip Socks Features

  • deliver 135% more grip against the foot's skin
  • generate up to 35% more force when changing direction
  • made 7 out of 10 of the tested athletes feel faster

The new Storelli SpeedGrip socks are not yet released but can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter, with more than 10,000 USD pledged of 20,000 USD goal. They will have a retail price of 40 USD, which makes them exactly as expensive as Trusox.

Mark Schermers, President and CMO at Storelli Sports said, “This is the second time we are using Kickstarter to launch a product. It is a fantastic platform to involve early adopters in the product development process and we learn a great deal in doing so. It has been exciting to see how much interest has come from athletes from a wide range of sports outside of soccer"

Do you think that the new Storelli SpeedGrip socks is good enough to be a real competitor for Trusox, which are used by a hundreds of professional footballers? Let us know in the comments below.
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