Not Recommended - Cristiano Ronaldo Laces Up in SG Boots on Artificial Grass Pitch

There is no doubt that Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo should be role model for every footballer in terms of his ambitiousness on the pitch, but you should not emulate him in terms of boot choices, at least if you want to maintain the guarantee and maximize the lifetime of your football boots. Thanks to Fútbol Emotion for the hint.

Cristiano Ronaldo Wears Soft Ground Boots on Artificial Turf

Cristiano Ronaldo laced up in SG boots on the 3G artificial pitch of Andorra's national stadium, the Estadi Nacional.

When Cristiano Ronaldo was subbed for the second half of the match against Andorra in their national stadium, he did not opted for AG boots that are recommended on Artificial Grass but in SG boots that are actually designed for muddy, wet surfaces. Should you do this?

If you have already worn SG boots on dry / artificial surfaces, you likely already know that it can be quite painful wearing cleats with metallic studs. However, what is more important if you follow his boot choice is that you both reduce the lifetime and void the warranty of your boots if you wear a SG (soft ground) boot on anything besides soft-ground (Nike gives you the ability to return them to the manufacturer and retrieve a replacement pair of boots if the boot has been released within the last year).

His 'bad' boot choice did not prevent Cristiano Ronaldo from scoring Portugal's first goal of the match, but you should nevertheless not copy his boot choices if you want to have your boots for long.

Have you ever laced up in Soft Ground boots on AG surfaces? Let us know in the comments below.
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