This is NOT the Spain World Cup Jersey

Just as it happens every year throughout the 'leak season', a lot of alleged leaks are doing the rounds. The most recent example is a Spain concept / prediction from the great guys at La Casaca that was repurposed by Spanish sports daily AS who claim it's the country's World Cup shirt.

This leak spread extremely quickly and even reached us through a number of people who asked us to post about it. We can confirm that the design, although not entirely fictional, does not show the Spain 2018 World Cup kit, but instead just a prediction based on early catalog info (which we too shared in our Spain info post back in June) and the Mexico leaks.

Such predictions can be pretty accurate at times, but word on the street is it isn't the case this time around. For an example about how close they usually get, compare the two Colombia away shirts below.

However, La Casaca are least to blame as they even provided an accuracy scale for their predictions, which was a solid but not excellent 3 out of 5 in the case of Spain, a fact that was of course cropped out of the picture AS posted.

Adidas will launch the Spain 2018 World Cup kit in early to mid November - stay tuned for updates and the real leak as we get it.

Would you have liked this to be the Spain kit for the 2018 World Cup? Drop us a line below, and check out the World Cup Kit Overview as well for more leaks and info on the jerseys.
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