Unique Gold 'Patchwork' Nike Air Max 97 Cristiano Ronaldo Sneakers Revealed

Nike today revealed a Cristiano Ronaldo signature edition of the Nike Air Max 97. The new gold Nike Air Max CR7 sneakers draw inspiration from Cristiano Ronaldo's childhood footwear when his mom had to patch his shoes.

As a young boy, Cristiano Ronaldo was limited to just two pairs of shoes – one for play, and one for school. While his school shoes were well kept, his play shoes always ended up with holes due to the endless amount of time he spent playing football. Each time he'd get a new hole in his shoes, his mother would patch them up. The new Nike Air Max Cristiano Ronaldo signature sneakers are therefore patched up and dipped in gold.

Nike Air Max 97 CR7 - Gold / Black / Red

This is the new Nike Air Max 97 CR7 sneaker.

A nod to the patchwork shoes Cristiano Ronaldo wore as a kid, the first Nike Air Max 97 signature sneakers feature a unique patchwork appearance. To honor Cristiano Ronaldo's greatness on the pitch, the Nike Air Max 97 CR7 sneakers are dipped in gold.

Apart from the unique design and patchwork upper, the Nike Air Max 97 CR7 sneakers are the same as other editions. They feature a durable upper and the famed Waffle pattern outsole for grippy traction.

The gold Nike Air Max 97 Cristiano Ronaldo sneakers will drop on October 23 2017. They retail at a price of 160 USD.

What do you think of the special golden Nike Air Max 97 CR7 edition? Let us know in the comments below.
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