Unique Puma Italy 2018 Font Revealed

Puma designed an all-new font for the new Italy 2018 home jersey. The new Italy 2018 typeface boasts a unique design.

Puma Italy 2018 Typeface

Here are some examples of the new Italy font on the brand-new home kit.

A unique shape and design, the new Italy 2018 font stands out from regular typefaces and Italy's classy Euro 2016 font. Each number of the Italy 2018 font by Puma includes cuts.

Interestingly, the version of the Italy 2018 font available in the federation's store includes four stars and other black elements, while the typeface shown off by Buffon just comes with a subtle monochromatic Italy crest on the bottom.

It is likely that other Puma teams will use the same font shape as Italy for their new jerseys and in the 2018 World Cup, just as it was the case in the Euro 2016.

Italy Euro 2016 Font

What do you think of the new Italy 2018 typeface, which is likely also Puma's 2018 World Cup font? Let us know in the comments below.
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