Re-Release? No More Nike Contract? Here Are Three Theories Why Rooney is Wearing Nike Total 90 Boots

Wayne Rooney today again laced up in the almost 10-year old Nike Total 90 Laser II soccer cleats, scoring the opener in Everton's 1-4 loss against Arsenal. Many people have been asking why the former England international is wearing Nike Total 90 Laser II boots. Here are some theories why he is lacing up in them, via Soccer Bible.

Why is Rooney Wearing 10-Year Old Nike Total 90 Laser II Boots

Theory One: Rooney's contract with Nike is up for renewal so he's reverted back to his favorite Nike boot whilst he sorts out his next move, with Nike or not. The T90 Laser II coincided with a prolific part of Rooney's career and was a boot that perfectly complimented his powerful, accurate form in front of goal.

Theory Two: Rooney is at a stage in his career where he can just wear what he wants. He's no longer one of Nike's leading faces and doesn't fit the marketing mould of the Hypervenom, so he can wear what he really wants.

Theory Three: The Nike T90 Laser II is celebrating its 10th anniversary and Wayne Rooney was arguably the leading player to wear the second-generation power boot back in 07/08. Are Nike lining up a limited edition re-release collection? Neither of Rooney's Laser designs that he's worn this week were standard colourway drops.

We think that Theory 2 is most likely (Nike has given Wayne Rooney the permission to wear what he wants).

What is sure is that he was not completely happy with Nike's standard offering (the Swoosh created boots with a custom tongue for him). The fact the he is still wearing cleats with Nike brandings makes it unlikely that he is already without a contract.

However, we think that it possible that his Nike deal will run out soon and that he will switch brands, maybe to Umbro. But that is just pure speculation.

Do you think that Rooney's contract with Nike has expired / will soon expire? What do you think is the reason why Rooney has switched to the Nike Total 90 football boot? Let us know in the comments below.