Arsenal x Puma - Is There A Future?

With Puma having secured a deal with Marseille valid from next season and likely also becoming Manchester City's and AC Milan's new kit supplier from 2018 onwards, we analyze how likely a future between Arsenal and Puma is.

Adidas to Become Arsenal Kit Supplier?

It seems likely that Adidas will replace Puma as Arsenal's shirt supplier.

Puma currently has two major European clubs under contract, Borussia Dortmund and Arsenal. However, while the deal with Dortmund is valid until 2020 and is not expected to end anytime soon as Puma is a shareholder of the club, Arsenal's Puma deal is much less 'stable'.

English newspaper The Mirror three months ago reported that Arsenal are considering a mega-money kit swap, with Adidas in pole position to replace Puma with the possibility that Arsenal ends the contract with Puma already in 2018.

The quality of some Puma's Arsenal 17-18 kits is reported to be very bad

Is Puma Able to Afford 5 European Top Clubs?

In fact, in case Puma would have Manchester City, AC Milan, Borussia Dortmund and Olympique Marseille under contract from 2018, there seems not much budget left for another top club, considering that Puma currently just has two top clubs under contract.

It even appears not uncertain that Puma themselves wants to end the deal with Arsenal ahead of schedule in order to receive a nice sum for their annual financial statement that could be crashed otherwise a bit.

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