Bayern Munich 2018 Pre-Match Shirt Leaked

Bayern Munich is set to receive a new pre-match shirt in the near future, produced by official club supplier Adidas and based on the same template as the World Cup pre-game tops.

Bayern Munich 2018 Pre-Match Shirt

This is the new Bayern Munich pre-match jersey.

A bold look, the new Bayern Munich pre-match top is red with the Condivo 18 graphic print applied to the front in navy. The color is also used for the collar, as well as faux overlong sleeves and hem. The back is solid red.

Expanding the ongoing collaboration between Adidas Football and Parley, a non-profit dedicated to protecting the oceans from waste, the new Bayern pre-game jersey is in part made from up-cycled marine plastic debris. An Adidas x Parley jock tag can be seen on the lower left of the shirt, while Parley's motto 'For the Oceans' graces a band on the inside neck.

Set to be available to buy shortly, the Adidas Bayern Munich 2018 pre-match top retails at EUR 60. It will be worn for the pre-match warmup from now on until the end of the current season.

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