30% Off World Cup Jerseys + 25% Off Predator 18 - Here are the Best Cyber Monday Football Deals

Black Friday may be over, but it's definitely not too late to save big on some of the best football clothing and footwear available right now. In fact, Adidas' Cyber Monday sale might be the brand's best in a long time and includes some massive deals, such as the new World Cup jerseys at just USD 60 (RRP: 90).

Adidas Cyber Monday Sale

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Simply use code 'CYBER30' / 'CYBER2017' before checkout.

Lovell Soccer Black Friday Sale

Lovell Soccer's huge Black Friday sale continues tomorrow midday with some ridiculous offers (up to 80% off) still up for grabs. Make sure to pay them a visit:

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Unisport Cyber Monday

Unisport have some crazy offers on the table as well, including a pretty hefty 25% discount on the brand-new Predator 18+, which is now just €225 instead of the regular €300. Definitely one not to miss!

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Soccer.com Cyber Monday Sale

Soccer.com's Cyber Monday 2017 sale saves you 25% off all orders over $125 - simply use the discount code "CYBERMON17" before checkout.

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What are the best Cyber Monday deals you've seen around the web? Drop us a line below.