Exclusive: All Adidas Players Receive Heavily Modified Adidas Predator 18 Boots

With the most important Adidas players debuting the brand-new Adidas Predator 18 football boots in this week's Champions League and Europa League matches, we have noticed that their boots look quite differently to the cleats that Adidas officially showcased on their promo pictures. Let's get into the details.

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Adidas Players Receive Predator 18 Boots With Completely Custom, Lower Collar

The differences between the cleats are easy to see in direct comparison.

One of the main changes from the Adidas Ace 17+ Purecontrol to the Adidas Predator 18 football boots is the heavily updated collar, which features an all-new, higher shape. However, while the cleats Adidas are selling logically have this shape as a main new feature, the cleats worn by the likes of Rakitic, Nacho, Matic and Mertesacker come with a much lower collar, especially in the front and medium area.

Rakitic Version

It is nothing new that Adidas' best players are receiving an improved version of a brand-new cleat as the retail editions are usually produced months ahead of the schedule, while Adidas' best players get their boots directly from Adidas' small factory in Germany.

In fact, one year ago, the collar of the Adidas Ace 17+ Purecontrol was famously heavily updated from the initial release to the one Pogba and Co had been wearing from the beginning.

There are no signs that Adidas will update the collar of the Adidas Predator 18+ and Predator 18.1 football boots, however.

Retail version

What do you think of Adidas selling a different boot than those all of their best players are wearing? Do you think they will update the Adidas Predator 18 with one of the next releases? Share your thoughts in the comments below.