What If? Adidas USA 2018 Concept Kit by La Casaca

Update: The talented guys at La Casaca have complemented their Adidas USA concept with a fiery away kit based on the same template. Check it out below and scroll down further for all details about the inspiration and the home design.

What if Adidas would supply the jerseys for the USA national team? After all, the 3-stripe brand was the team's main sponsor for ten years before Nike took over in 1995.

During the USA national team's time with Adidas, one of the most iconic uniforms ever was created in the shape of the away kit for the 1994 World Cup, which took place in the United States.

Inspired by US heritage, the shirt featured a garish and bold design that combined a jeans-like texture with an eye-catching stars pattern - it's easy to see Adidas take inspiration from this shirt if it still was the team's supplier.

Adidas USA 2018 Concept Home Shirt

Football shirt design collective La Casaca thought as much and adapted the design for its latest concept project. Closely following what Adidas did for 2018 so far and the 1994 original, the concept swaps colors to function as a home uniform.

It's white with red 3 Stripes on the shoulders, a navy overlap collar and sleeve cuffs in the same color, while the stars pattern appears in the form of a striped application in blue. The jeans pattern is dropped for obvious reasons.

How does the La Casaca concept compare to Nike's 2018 kits for the US national teams? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.