All-New, Revolutionary Nike Snood Neckwarmers - Q&A, Tech, Price, Release Date

After Nike revolutionized the design of football boots forever with the high-cut Nike Magista four years ago and released their game-changing Anti-Clog boot technology in 2016, the Swoosh is set to change the look and feel of another, even more 'traditional' product - neckwarmers. Here is all you need to know about the Nike Snood.

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The Nike Snood was first revealed in late November 2017 by Scandinavian store Unisportstore, while Tottenham's Dele Alli was the first player to be spotted wearing the Nike Snood - despite being sponsored by Adidas.

Nike Snood

The Nike Snood is not made from simple fleece / polyester but from a neoprene material that transports sweat away from your body. The neckwarmers that most players are wearing are actually made for running / skiing and not football. They mainly focus on keeping you warm.

The game-changing part of the Nike Snood compared to traditional neck warmers is that is has a different material to the neoprene around the mouth, which has had holes put into it, so you can breathe through it.

Another important element of the Nike Snood is the cut, which has been engineered for zero distractions.

Nike Snood - Tech Facts

  • Material: Neoprene, designed to transport sweat away
  • Holes + different material around mouth for breathing
  • Unique cut for zero distractions

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Nike Snood - Launch Colorways

It is likely that the first Nike Snood will boast the same colors and design as the prototypes worn by players, with other colorways possibly being released a few months after the launch edition.

Nike Snood - Price

Nothing about the price of the all-new Nike Snood is known yet, but we expect them to retail at around 60 Euro (60 USD).

Nike Snood - Release Date

The Nike Snood neckwarmers will be released in September 2018, according to information from Spanish football store Fútbol Emotion.

Nike Snood Q&A

Will players be able to wear the Nike Snood in official matches?

It seems like that the Nike Snood is not approved by FIFA yet. However, Nike assured the guys at Fútbol Emotion that 'players will be able to play official matches with it as soon as it will be approved for it."

Is there any chance to get the Nike Snood ahead of the official release in September 2018?

Actually, yes. Nike has given away a few pairs to select stores and retailers, and Fútbol Emotion already announced that they will give away three Nike Snoods (If Nike reads this, we would also like to get them in order to test them and to give away some to our readers).

Will other brands be able to 'copy' the Nike Snood, just as they have done it after Nike revolutionized football boots with the high-cut Magista?

This is not known yet.

Why didn't Nike revealed the Nike Snood yet? When will Nike officially present the Nike Snood?

We think that they wanted to increase the hype with a guerilla-like reveal (it already worked out, the Nike Snood was one of the main talking points amongst footballers interested in gear in the past few weeks). We expect Nike to present them officially next year, possible at an Innovation Summit ahead of the World CUp just as they did with the Anti-Clog technology.

Do you look forward to the Nike Snood? Do you have any further questions? Let us know in the comments below.
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