EXCLUSIVE: Nike to Release Black Nike FTR10 Boots in 2018

The all-new Nike FTR10 football boot will be released in a black version in Summer 2018, we can exclusively reveal. The black Nike FTR10 2018 football boot are expected to drop very soon after or even together with the launch colorway, which is set to hit stores in late July / early August 2018.

Black Nike FTR10 Soccer Cleat - First Details

Debut colorway.

There is no leak of the black Nike FTR10 soccer cleats yet. However, we understand that they will be almost completely black, possibly part of a black Nike boot collection.

Nike's black Nike FTR10 soccer shoes will be not worn by Nike's best players such as FTR10 headline player Kevin de Bruyne.

The first black Nike FTR10 soccer cleat are set for a launch in early August 2018. They retail at the same price as the Nike FTR10 soccer cleats launch colorway - USD 300 (EUR 290, GBP 250).

Do you look forward to see the black Nike FTR10 football boot? Share your thoughts in the comments below and check out all laked and released boots in the Boot Calendar.
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