Chelsea vs Barcelona Incoming: Here are the Champions League Last 16 Draw Odds

With the group stages finalized, everything's ready for the 2017-18 Champions League Round of 16 draw on Monday.

And while said draw is theoretically random, there are quite a few implications that make certain match-ups more likely to appear, while ruling out others entirely. As per UEFA's tournament rules, two teams that met in the group stage can not face each other in the next round, just as two teams from the same country cannot be drawn against each other before the quarter final.

Long story short, Chelsea's unlikely draw with Atletico and them finishing second to Roma has put them in the unfavorable position of having to face either Barcelona or PSG with a combined probability of more than 70%. Here are the full odds, courtesy of Reddit user Kahodes04.

Which match-ups do you want to see in the Champions League Round of 16? Drop us a line below.
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