Insane Kit Clash in The Premier League Today

If you followed today's Premier League Boxing Day, you might have noticed that there was a quite a big jersey clash in the match against Huddersfield Town and Stoke City...

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Kit Clash in Huddersfield vs Stoke City Premier League Clash

It was hard to distinguish both teams because of their jerseys.

Both Huddersfield Town and Stoke City used their home kits in today's Boxing Day clash, which made it easy to mix up both teams. Could this kit clash have been avoided if Stoke City would have opted for their away / third kit?

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Along the traditional white and red home kit, Stoke City released a blue away kit and a white third jersey for the 2018-2019 season. Both Stoke City alternative shirts also clash with Huddersfield's home shirt. The only solution would have been to release a fourth kit that does not clash with Stoke City's white and red jersey.

Do you think that Premier League should have forced Stoke City to release a fourth kit to avoid the clash? Let us know in the comments below.
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