Nike to Release All-New 150 USD Carbon-Fiber Shin Guards

Nike will release all-new carbon-fiber shin guards in 2018. Set to be launched ahead of the 2018 World Cup, the new Nike Attack Carbon Fiber Elite 2018 shin guards will be Nike's most expensive shin guards ever released.

The Nike Attack CF Elite Shin Guards are the successor of Nike's revolutionary first-ever carbon-fiber shin guards, the Nike Mercurial Blade Carbon that were originally released in 2008. They were the most cutting-edge shin guards back then.

Nike Attack CF Elite Shin Guards - All-New Carbon-Fiber Nike 2018 Shin Guards

There is no leaked picture of Nike's Attack CF Elite Shin Guards yet.

Designed to provide superior coverage while being extremely light, the Nike Attack CF Elite Shin Guard will feature a carbon fiber shell built for flexible protection.

The biggest change compared to the original Nike Mercurial Blade shin guards is that the Nike Attack Carbon Fiber Elite Shin Guards will feature a much more adjusted shape than the 2008 Nike Mercurial Blade Carbon shin guards.

The Nike Attack CF Shin Guards come with with a no-slip microfiber suede backing to prevent movement, just as Nike's original carbon-fiber shin guards.

Nike Attack CF Shin Guards

  • Lightweight carbon-fiber shell for flexible coverage
  • No-slip microfiber suede backing prevents movement
  • Anatomical shape for contoured fit and feel

The all-new Nike Attack Carbon Fiber Shin Guards will retail at a price of around 150 USD, which makes them around 50 USD more expensive than the original ones released in 2008.

Do you look forward to Nike's all-new carbon-fiber shin guards? Let us know in the comments below.
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