No More Adidas - Derbystar 2018-19 Bundesliga Ball Leaked

The official Bundesliga soccer ball will be made for the first time by Derbystar next season, who are replacing Adidas. It is the first time that Adidas is not Bundesliga's official ball maker. They became the league's first official ball supplier in 2010-11.

Derbystar had been represented in the Bundesliga through numerous partnerships with different clubs since the 1970-71 season.

Derbystar 18-19 Bundesliga Football

This is the new Derbystar 2018-19 ball.

While the last Bundesliga ball by Adidas boasted an unusual white, blue and yellow look, the first-ever Derbystar Bundesliga ball is closely inspired by the Bundesliga logo. The new Derbystar 2018-19 Bundesliga football is white with black / grey applications and striking red details.

If we look at the tech, the Derbystar Bundesliga 18-19 ball is nothing new but the well-known Derbystar Brilliant APS, the brand's high-end soccer ball. The Derbystar APS has a traditional panel design and a 'snakeskin like' upper structure.

The new Bundesliga 18-19 ball is set for a release in early June 2018.

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