Spectacular Adidas Glitch 'Virtual Heroes' Concept Boots by GraphicUNTD

It's been getting quiet around the Adidas Glitch recently. After its big breakout last year, which even saw it win a Footy Headlines Boot Award in the 'Most Innovative' category, the hype has died quite a bit, although the Glitch did finally debut in two additional countries, France and Germany.

In comes talented artist Graphic UNTD with a set of spectacular 'Virtual Heroes' concept colorways that show what could be possible with the Glitch going forward. Making use of the Glitch's no-nonsense construction, which allows for prominently featured graphic prints, the Virtual Heroes concepts take inspiration from various famous video game characters and franchises...

Adidas Glitch 'Virtual Heroes' - God of War

Adidas Glitch 'Virtual Heroes' - Halo

Adidas Glitch 'Virtual Heroes' - Kirby

Adidas Glitch 'Virtual Heroes' - Super Mario

Adidas Glitch 'Virtual Heroes' - Metal Gear Solid

Adidas Glitch 'Virtual Heroes' - Sonic

Adidas Glitch 'Virtual Heroes' - Zelda

Would you pick up any of these if Adidas was to come out with them? Drop us a line below, and check out the latest Glitch colorways as well. Make sure to follow @GraphicUNTD to never again miss out on stuff like this.
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