Which Footballer Has The Best Logo? Here Are 12 Player Signature Logos

Earlier this week, we reported that Arsenal midfielder and Germany international Mesut Özil launched an all-new logo. Now let's take a look at the signature logos of some of the other global superstars, including the signature logos of players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Beckham, Ronaldinho and Lewandowski.

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David Beckham was the first footballer to have a really big own branding, clothing brand and all those stuff (his popularity and impact off the pitch was sometimes bigger than his impact on the pitch, especially in the last few years of his career), while since then a lot has happened.

In fact, in the early to mid 2000s, apart from Beckham, only the biggest superstars such as Ronaldinho got an own logo and branding, but since the social media era began, almost every top player tries to build up his own branding and so there are many players with an own branding and logo.

Zlatan receives this logo from Nike before he founded his own brand - A-Z

Footballer Signature Logos

Here are nine footballer signature logos.

There are many more footballers who got an own signature logo. We tried to feature the most popular ones.

James Rodriguez got his own clothing line

Beckham has launched a new logo some years ago...

Which logo do you like the most? What do you think of players having their own branding? Which other footballers have signature logos? Let us know in the comments below.