Stunning Macron AC Milan Concept Shirt by Casa Bruni

Talented graphic artist and fantasy kit designer Casa Bruni is back with a spectacular Macron AC Milan concept shirt.

Following the departure from Adidas, Milan is set to join up with Puma starting in 2018-19, although an official confirmation is still missing.

"I think [macron] have been doing some amazing job lately and the only thing they are missing is some Top team."

AC Milan Macron Concept Kit

This is how a AC Milan home shirt made by Macron could look like.

Inspired by AC Milan's fisrt-ever shirt and several throwback designs that referenced it throughout the years, the shirt features the intricate details Macron is so well respected for in the football kit world.

It has thin black and red stripes and the original club crest, i.e. St. Georges' Cross, is visible on the left side, with a small monochromatic edition of the contemporary badge inside.

Would you have liked to see Macron pick up a team as big as Milan? Leave a comment below.
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