LAFC 2018 Inaugural Season Home + Away Kits Released

The LAFC 2018 home and away kits have been released today. Much anticipated by MLS and football fans in general, today's release confirms the previous leaks of the LAFC 2018 jerseys.

LAFC 2018 Home Kit

This is the LAFC 2018 home shirt.

The LAFC 2018 home kit is black and gold, which are the club's primary colors. Just like almost every other recent Adidas football jersey, the LAFC 2018 home shirt features a subtle graphic all-over print. In this case, it's the same one as found on the Scotland kit, inspired by the iconic 1988 Netherlands jersey

The player names and numbers on the back of the LAFC 2018 home kit are golden, fitting in nicely with the rest of the design.

Black shorts and socks with gold trim, the latter boasting the iconic 'wings' along the sides, complete the kit.

LAFC 2018 Away Kit

This is the Adidas LAFC 2018 away shirt.

The Los Angeles FC 2018 away jersey is white and gold, with a subtle striped graphic print appearing on the upper front. Apart from the YouTubeTV sponsor logo, which is black and red, all brandings and logos on the LAFC 2018 away kit are gold, including a monochromatic club crest.

In line with Adidas' recent football jersey efforts, the graphic on the LAFC 2018 jersey takes from one of the brand's most iconic classic designs, in this case the 1994 Germany World Cup jersey.

White shorts and socks with gold trim complete the LAFC 2018 away kit.

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