Coutinho Effect? UEFA Scrap Winter Transfer Registration Rules

UEFA have announced that the highly controversial winter transfer registration rules that have been in place for years and prevented the likes of Aubameyang and Coutinho to be registered with their new clubs for international competition, will be scrapped from next season.

Regarding the registration of players after a group stage of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, a club may register three new eligible players without any restrictions. This is in line with the existing regulatory situation in the different domestic leagues, which does not impose restrictions on the eligibility for competitions of players registered for a new club during the winter transfer window.

Besides the changes made to registration rules, UEFA will introduce a number of interesting changes for both Champions and Europa League.

  • A fourth substitute will be available in extra time for knock-out games
  • 23 players will be allowed on the team sheet for the Champions and Europa League finals, which means that 12 possible substitutes will be able to take a place on the bench.
  • Champions League kick-off times move from 20:45 CET to 21:00 CET for knock-out games, with additional games to played at 18:55 CET during the group stage
  • Teams that have won the Europa League five times in total or three times consecutively will be allowed to wear a special badge on their sleeve commemorating this achievement, as was already the case in the CL

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