Granit Xhaka's Under Armour Magneticos Rip in Match

We have all seen boot blowouts before. Soleplates coming apart, players running out of the shoes, but most boots in recent years have held up. But are the new Under Armour Magnetico boots too thin? Grant Xhaka might think so.

Ripped Under Armour Magnetico

In an international friendly between Xhaka's Switzerland side and Greece, Xhaka had his left boot rip right above the left three toes. Of course this could be just an unlucky incident, but something that surely is not what Under Armour want to see happening in their latest release.

The Magnetico has been marketed as the closest thing to a barefoot feel on the ball of any cleat on the market. The upper is paper thin, and could potentially be too thin if this becomes a regular thing for the boot.

The real unfortunate issue is that the incident happened only 19 minutes into the match. Xhaka had to be on the sideline while the boot was replaced. The replacement pair lasted the rest of the match without any issue of ripping.

Thanks to our reader Joris for the heads up on this story!

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