Here Is The Origin of All Parts of The "What The Mercurial?" 360 2018 Boots

The Nike Mercurial Superfly 360 What The Mercurial?" football boot was launched today. What a better time to look at the origin of the blackout Nike Mercurial 20th anniversary cleat that is made up of eight famous Nike Mercurial cleats.

The 8 Different Classic Mercurial Boots That Make Up Nike's 20th Anniversary "What The Mercurial?" Boots

Ranging from the original 1998 Nike Mercurial soccer shoe to the first Nike What The Mercurial boot released in 2016, the Nike 20th anniversary "What The" Mercurial Superfly soccer cleats are made up of eight different iconic Nike Mercurial editions.

  • 1998: Mercurial R9
  • 2000: Nike Match Mercurial Alpha Project
  • 2002: Mercurial Vapor R9
  • 2006: Mercurial Vapor III R9
  • 2010: Mercurial Vapor Superfly II Elite
  • 2013: Mercurial Vapor IX
  • 2014: Mercurial Vapor IV CR7 Black Gala
  • 2016: What The Mercurial?

Here’s how the Nike Mercurial 360 was made
1. The Mercurial 360’s Flyknit yarns have the capacity to be molded into a variety of textures and shapes.
2. This allowed designers to create a 2D graphic incorporating icons of the Mercurial lineage and translate it into a 3D element of the boot’s design.
3. The 3D design is created through a mold that heats and presses the design into the Mercurial 360 knit.

This process allows for distinctive nods to past boots and celebration of iconic Mercurial elements without compromising touch.

Which Nike Mercurial football boot is your all-time favorite? Do you like the all-black look of the 20th anniversary Nike What The Mercurial soccer cleats? Let us also know in the comments below.
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