Much Less a Copy Than the First Generation - Next-Gen Specs Accelerator Infinity 2018 Boots Released

Indonesian sports brand Specs, who are pretty popular in South-East Asia, have released the second generation of their first-ever high-cut football boot. The Specs Accelerator Infinity 2018 soccer shoe is the brand's flagship football boot model.

The first generation of the Specs Infinity Accelerator soccer shoe (released in 2017) caused quite a stir because of its obvious similarities to the Adidas Ace 16.1 Primeknit football boot. The second-generation Specs Accelerator Infinity has still a bit in common with Adidas' almost three-year old control boot (especially the collar), but is much less a copy than the first generation.

Specs Accelerator Infinity 2018 Boots

This is the second-gen Specs Accelerator Infinity.

The next-gen Specs Accelerator Lightspeed launch football boots boast a flashy design in electricity yellow, pink and navy to stand out. They feature Specs logo on the outstep and the instep as well as a few other Specs brandings.

Tech-wise, the second-generation Specs Accelerator Lightspeed soccer shoe has only been updated slightly. The sole plate of the Specs Accelerator Infinity 2018 is the same as the one of the first generation, while the upper now features a subtle 3d pattern for increased ball control in all weather conditions.

The Specs Accelerator Infinity is made for ultimate speed.

Specs also released two alternative, less bold colorways of the second-gen Specs Accelerator Infinity 2018 football boot - a red, yellow and navy one as well as a navy and yellow one.

The second-generation of the Specs Accelerator Lightspeed football boot is available for the same price as the first generation (799,000 Indonesian Rupiah - around 60 USD). Indoor models of the boot are available for around 549,000 Indonesian Rupiah (40 USD).

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