Shock?! Puma Serbia and Senegal 2018 World Cup Jerseys are Basic Teamwear with Added Graphic

When Puma signed up Serbia and the Senegal to bolster up its 2018 World Cup lineup at the last minute, people feared for the worst.

In the end, the two teams' away kits were revealed too modestly positive feedback as both at least featured bespoke graphics on the front. Since then, it's become known that the shirts are based on one of the brand's most basic and cheap teamwear templates, the so-called Liga jersey - it's RRP is a mere EUR 20 and it can be acquired for even less than that.

This teamwear base also explains why the red used on the collar and sleeves of the Serbia away kit differs from the one from the flag graphic on the front - a fact that generated some criticism following the unveiling.

Although not confirmed yet, the Puma Serbia and Senegal 2018 World Cup shirts are expected to retail at the same EUR 90 as the brand's other national team jerseys.

How do you rate Puma's efforts for Serbia and Senegal as late additions to its World Cup roster? Drop us a line below, and check out all 2018 World Cup kits in our Overview.