6 Weeks Early - All-New Next-Gen Adidas X 18 2018 World Cup Boots Already Debuted

The next-generation Adidas X 2018 World Cup cleats are set to see the light shortly ahead of the 2018 UEFA Champions League final on May 26. However, now Malaysia Premier League player Fandi Othman from Felcra F.C. has been already spotted wearing the next-generation cleats.

Malaysian Winger Fandi Othman Debuts Next-Gen Adidas X 18 2018 World Cup Boots

A striking look to stand out, the Adidas X 18.1 debut edition is Solar Blue, Solar Yellow and Black. The cleat will be officially called Adidas X 18.1 'Energy Mode' Pack cleat, part of the Adidas Energy Mode 2018 World Cup soccer cleat collection.

The Adidas X 18.1 is completely different to the current generation Adidas X 17.1. Find out all about the tech features of the next-generation Adidas X 18.1 football boots.

The next-generation Adidas X 18.1 'Energy Mode' cleat is set to hit stores in early June 2018.

Are you also surprised that a player managed to get the cleats almost two months ahead of the official launch? you like the Adidas X 18.1 2018 World Cup football boots? Let us know in the comments below.
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