La Liga: Here's Which Teams Draw the Biggest TV Audiences in Spain

The two giants Barcelona and Real Madrid lead the pack in terms of La Liga TV ratings. This has been revealed by Palco 23, a Spanish site that specializes in the economic side of sports.

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In total, 139 million viewers tuned into pay-tv La Liga broadcasts in Spain, with 47 million on the free-tv side of things. On average, each game is seen by just over 542,000 viewers, with FC Barcelona and Real Madrid being the only teams to average more than 1 million per game.

Perhaps surprising is Betis' performance, coming in at 7th, but this due to them being featured a lot on Gol TV, which is a free station that transmits one game per matchday.

The least favorite team appears to be Leganés with less than 300,000 viewers on average, followed by Celta, Eibar and Getafe.

Which teams' ranking here has surprised you the most? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below.
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