Nike Enters Battle for Arsenal Kit Deal

Arsenal are are on the verge of signing a new kit deal and sleeve sponsorship deal. Now Arsenal expert @DarrenArsenal1 has revealed that Nike has entered the battle to become Arsenal's jersey maker from the 2019-20 season.

Nike Makes ~£50m Offer to Become Arsenal's Kit Maker

The offer Nike made to become Arsenal's kit maker would be worth a similar amount as Adidas' offer to the club - a bit more than £50m / season. Darren revealed that the club would make a decision before the end of April.

Only Two Possible Sponsors Left For Arsenal's Sleeve?

Arsenal's sleeve sponsor will be very likely a Subscription Video on Demand service.

Arsenal will soon also sign their first-ever sleeve sponsorship deal. Darren revealed on Twitter that there would be only two possible sleeve partners left for the club, with the possible sleeve supplier deal worth around £15m / season, which would be the biggest sleeve sponsorship deal in the Premier League.

Adidas or Nike? Which brand would you rather like to make Arsenal's kits? Let us know in the comments below.
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