Revealed: FC Nantes Proposed New Stadium - Yello Park

FC Nantes have released artist impressions of their proposed new stadium - Yello Park - which is planned to be completed in 2022.

The French side are working cloesely with both HKS Architects and ATSP Architectes to build the new stadium, which is expected to cost between €160-200 million.

Yello Park will feature a number of impressive features, including a retractable roof providing shelter to all spectators in case of bad weather. Rainwater collected on the roof will be re-used in the stadium.

It will also include an incredibly futuristic 360 degree video screen inside the stadium, which will be used for a wide variety of display purposes.

As well as housing 40,000 supporters - 7,000 of which will be Kop seats - the stadium will also contain 1,000sqm museum, 150 media seats, 150 conference room seats and a 600sqm megastore.

What are your thoughts on the new FC Nantes Stadium Yello Park? Let us know in the comments below.
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